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  • Social Anxiety Group CBT

    The social anxiety group meets weekly for a period of two hours. Twice a month, the group meets via tele-health and discusses the biological, psychological, and social components of social anxiety. In these meetings, a cognitive behavioral approach is utilized to provide clients with knowledge and skills to help them overcome challenges they have faced with their anxiety. In these group sessions, clients are encouraged to develop an understanding of the personal situations which cause them anxiety and become willing to face these situations with the guidance of their therapist. The remaining two sessions a month are spent in social environments, wherein clients and the therapist participate in exposure therapy, which gently and gradually over time, expose the clients to the situations that cause the greatest anxiety. Together with the help of the group and the therapist, clients will learn to utilize the coping strategies and skills they have learned in group therapy and overcome the situations which were once paralyzing for them.