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  • Family Connections

    The Family Connections skills training group provides supplemental teaching for loved ones of individuals in DBT. The groups typically consist of 2-8 families and meet for 2 hours once a week.

    Family Involvement in DBT

    DBT’s benefits are amplified when the entire family participates in the therapy process. Here’s why:

    Enhanced Support System: When family members are educated about DBT skills, they become a crucial part of the individual’s support system. They can provide encouragement, understanding, and reinforcement, thereby reinforcing the therapy’s effectiveness.

    Improved Communication: Family therapy sessions allow for improved communication within the family. This can help resolve conflicts, foster empathy, and build stronger bonds.

    Shared Understanding: With everyone on the same page regarding DBT techniques and strategies, the family can better understand the individual’s struggles and progress. This shared understanding reduces stigma and encourages empathy.

    Consistency: Family involvement ensures that DBT skills are consistently reinforced at home. This consistency aids in the generalization of skills beyond the therapy setting.

    Addressing Family Dynamics: DBT family therapy can address underlying family issues that may contribute to an individual’s mental health challenges. This holistic approach is essential for lasting change.

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